Submit to our CHI 2019 workshop exploring the intersection of philosophy and HCI! Papers deadline extended to February 19th, 2019.

In the Authentic User Experience Lab (AUX Lab) at Indiana University Bloomington, we integrate empirical and humanistic methods to do research with subcultures. We publish in human-computer interaction (HCI) and other related venues (e.g., CHI, DIS, CSCW, ECSCW, ICWSM). Take a look at our projects and publications.

By subverting the now, subcultures become harbingers for the future practices and values of mainstream culture. Contemporary trends (e.g., in art) and movements (e.g., feminism) can be traced back to subcultures. Lying on the fringes of society, subcultures creatively reinforce and communicate their distinctive traditions—–their authenticity—in a sensor-rich and socially-networked society.

We characterize this relationship of technology with subcultures, design systems to support their notion of authenticity, and fashion new frameworks and methods to inform designs that help people strive for meaningful lives. We subscribe to the idea that society as a whole can learn a great deal about how to live from subcultures, the delightful, diverse microcosms they are.

We are always looking for new collaborators. If you are interested in doing research with us, please contact Professor Norman Makoto Su.


December 2018: Norman is honored to have received the NSF CAREER award for “Integrating a Data-Driven Approach with Technologies for Sharing Rural Knowledge and Values”! We’re excited to push forward an agenda to design with rural subcultures in America.

November 2018: Our CHI19 workshop, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Exploring the Intersection of Philosophy and HCI, was accepted.

August 2018: Two upcoming CSCW papers: Rosemary, Arvind, and Marisa have a work with Lynn and Norman on the “tiny publics” (à la Gary Alan Fine) of farmers. EunJeong and Norman have a paper on the notion of “porous boundaries” for homes and their objects. With Jean Hardy, Dharma Dailey, Susan Wyche, and Norman, our workshop proposal on Rural Computing has been accepted.

June 2018: Majdah and Norman have published a “beautiful” ECSCW paper examining motivations and practices for posting graphic photos online. With Apu, Christena, and Norman, Yasmeen, Tousif, Felicia, and Emily have an upcoming SOUPS paper on managing privacy with workarounds (physical, digital, and mental) in a world of pervasive photography and social media.

December 2017: Two papers by EunJeong and Norman accepted to HRI and CHI. One on our “futuristic autobiographies” method and another based on new fieldwork with minimalists about designing for empty space.

March 2017: Paper lead by Supun Nakandala on gendered conversation in Twitch accepted to ICWSM’17!

February 2017: Two papers accepted at CHI, one on hunters with EunJeong and another on website design with Wen Chen and David Crandall. Norman is looking forward to participating in the Virginia Tech What Comes After CHI: Technology on the Trail workshop run by D. Scott McCrickard and Grace Fields.