Indiana University Bloomington Study on Hunters & the DNR

About the study

We are researchers at Indiana University Bloomington from the Luddy School of Informatics and Computing. You are invited to participate in a research study examining the role of data and technology in outdoor recreation. In particular, we are interested in your feedback regarding the initiatives of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to increase data transparency and trust with the public. Such initiatives include detailed data and maps released online by the DNR to allow hunters to understand the state of hunting in Indiana and its policy decisions. Overall, the goals of the study are to generate a better understanding of relationships between data, technology, the Indiana DNR, and hunters. Foremost, we want to improve connections between deer hunters and the DNR.

Participants we are seeking

We are looking for anyone who hunts (or has hunted) deer in Indiana.

What you will be doing

Your participation would involve being interviewed for 45 min ~ 1 hour. The interview consists of questions about your interaction with the DNR, their data gathering and transparency efforts, and their policy decisions. We will also ask questions about your own hunting practices and thoughts about the state of wildlife management in Indiana. This study was approved by Indiana University’s institutional review board (IRB). Here is our informed consent statement. Your identity will be held in confidence in reports in which the study may be published.

Interested? Questions?

Please contact us at if you are interested in participating or have further questions. Thank you!

Research Team

Assistant Professor Norman Makoto Su
Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering
Indiana University Bloomington

This study is done in collaboration with the Indiana DNR’s Office of Science and Research.