Accepted Position Papers

Attending authors are bolded below. To download, click the paper title.

  Author(s) Paper Title
1 Alessio Antonini, Lucia Lupi Developing a meta-language in multidisciplinary research projects- the case study of READ-IT
2 Mattias Arvola Heidegger’s Notion of Space Applied to Interaction Design
3 Daniel Bennett, Oussama Metatla, Anne Roudaut Small-`p’ philosophy in HCI
4 Diotima Bertel, Julia Himmelsbach Questioning the User-Researcher Dualism: Premises of the Situatedness of Knowledge in HCI
5 Anna Croon, Eva Svedmark, Karin Danielsson Ethics for Responsible Technologies
6 Xianghua Ding, Yunan Chen, Charlotte P. Lee Chinese Philosophy and Healthy Living
7 Anke Dittmar Towards Critical Co-Reflection
8 Lindsay Ems Amish Philosophies on Information Communication Technology Design and Use
9 Christopher Frauenberger Anders HCI Prometheus and his Mobile Phone
10 Maaike Harbers, Komala Mazerant, Jan Ewout Ruiter, Rudolf Kampers Socratic Dialogue as a Method for Moral Inquiry in HCI
11 Goda Klumbyte, Claude Draude, Loren Britton Re-Imagining CHI: New Materialist Philosophy and Figurations as Tool for Design
12 Søren Knudsen, Jagoda Walny, Sarah Storteboom, Jo Vermeulen, Wesley Willett, Sheelagh Carpendale Philosophical concerns of Visual Representation and Interaction
13 Sharon Lindberg, Petter Karlström The Levinas Game
14 Priya C. Kumar A Post-Humanist Take on Surveillance Capitalism
15 Minha Lee, Lily Frank, Wijnand IJsselsteijn Exploring Compassion through HCI
16 Catherine Letondal Transduction as a paradigm for a re-integration of human technology into culture
17 Jandy Luik, Jenna Ng, Jonathan Hook What Can A Nános Do? Viewing AND Recommending AND …
18 Eni Mustafaraj, Julie Walsh On Epistemic Responsibility: Web Search and Reputation
19 Chiara Rossitto The politics of place: processes, outcomes and the implications for HCI research
20 William Seymour The Internet of Kant: Respect as a Lens for IoT Design
21 Elias Storms Exploring Actor-Network Theory in the Investigation of Algorithms
22 Dag Svanæs Phenomenology through Design: A Tale of a Human Tail
23 Alex S. Taylor, Ann Light The Name of the Title is Hope
24 Joakim Vindenes A Controlled Accident: Imagining virtual reality as a catalysator for self-exploration.
25 Mikael Wiberg, Erik Stolterman Philosophy, HCI, and ‘Thought Styles’