Study on Tech Employees

About the study

We are conducting a study on the emotional aspects of being an employee at a tech company, and how others perceive of their company. The goals of the study are to generate a better understanding of relationships between tech workers, knowledge makers, and the general public. Foremost, we want to listen and understand the voices of those who work in the tech industry.

Participants we are seeking

We are looking for employees who are technical or in design whose roles have some influence on product development, have had less than 10 years in their role, and are non-managers (or have only recently become a manager).

What you will be doing

Your participation would involve being interviewed for 45 min ~ 1 hour, with a 5 minute survey. This study was approved by Indiana University’s institutional review board (IRB). Here is our informed consent statement. We take confidentiality very seriously, and the interviews will be anonymized.

Interested? Questions?

Please contact us at if you are interested in participating or have further questions. Thank you!

Research Team

Assistant Professor Norman Makoto Su
School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering
Indiana University Bloomington

Assistant Professor Amanda Lazar
College of Information Studies
University of Maryland